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    Mikä on jarrun säädin?

    Aika: 2022-06-17 Osumat: 11

    To insure thatthe drum brakeswork and functioncorrectly, the brake shoes muststayclose to the drumbut nottouch it. If they get too far away from the drum , the piston willneedmore fluid to travel, When you press the brake, your brake pedal will sink closer to the ground. Because of this,there is an automatic brake adjuster varten most drum brakes.

    Now addingthe parts of the brake adjuster'S mekanismi.  brake adjuster uses the self driving principle

    With the wearing down of the pad,there would bemore space between the shoe and the drum. Whenever the car comes to a stop in reverse, the shoe is pulledfirmlyagainst the drum. When the gapis largeenough,the adjusting rod will shake to advance the adjusting gear by one tooth.There are threads on the brake adjuster, justlike a bolt, so it will loosen slightly during rotation and lengthen to fill the gap. When the brake shoes wear a little more, the jarru säädin can move forward again,in this reason,it always keeps thebrakeshoes close to the drum.

    Some cars have anjarrusäädinovataktivoituin case of emergency braking. If the emergency brake is not used for a long time,This type of adjuster may not be adjusted.Näin ollen,if you have this type of adjuster, you should apply your emergency brake at least once a week.